Personal Information

1.1 - It is forbidden to deliberately use someone else's names.
1.2 - It is forbidden to use pornographic avatars), as well as bearing any insulting context.

Server Communication

2.1 - When communicating through a general chat or microphone on non-password-protected channels, it is forbidden to use insults in order to humiliate anyone.
2.2 - It is forbidden to create any interference with the communication of other users (extraneous sounds, music, programs for voice distortion, being on a channel with a poorly tuned microphone, etc.).
NOTE - If your actions do not interfere with other users or the latter themselves asked you, for example, to turn on the music, this is not a violation.


3.1 - Subchannels. In any server branch, a maximum of 3 subchannels are allowed.
3.2 - It is forbidden to create channels in a channel group (Private).
Exception - by decision of the highest administration.

Other Rules

4.1 - Advertising of third-party resources, your blogs, other TS and servers in any form (in the description, in the nickname, in the channel name, etc.) is strictly prohibited.
4.2 - It is forbidden to dispute the actions of the administration on the server, calling into question its adequacy and competence, thus getting into destructive disputes.
4.3 - It is forbidden to record a conversation to ordinary users on open, non-password-protected channels, as well as on password-protected channels whose administrators prohibit doing so.
4.4 - It is forbidden to put yourself a description containing obscene words or expressions, any other information that contradicts generally accepted standards.
4.5 - It is forbidden to engage in any commercial activity.
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